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How to remove the residue after the use of sintered flux


No matter what kind of sintered flux is used, the user can always find some residues on the solder joint after welding, which not only affect the appearance, but also potentially dangerous, so how to remove it?

Sintered flux

How to remove the residue after the use of sintered flux

1, At first, we must first figure out the composition of the flux, in the configuration can use several solvents with different boiling points to ensure that the different temperature stages of the welding curve to maintain physical properties. During the welding process, the product may flow through the assembly or protective layer through the hole, exposing it to temperature, forming a residue and affecting the effect.

2, the sintering flux manufacturers said that some of the weak acids are glutaric acid, succinic acid and adipic acid, which may bring potential dangers. The activator will react with the metal oxide to form a metal salt, promote wetting, and form a metallurgical bond after the salt is dissolved, if not treated in time, it will form a residue, affecting the price of the sintered flux.

3, if it is found that the residue has been solidified for a long time, it is recommended to heat, so that it can be removed quickly, and then it needs to be welded again to make the product hard.