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What is the correct storage method of submerged arc welding agent


Submerged arc welding agent is an essential and important material in the welding process, which plays a key role in protecting the welding area and improving the quality of the weld. In order to ensure normal use, the correct preservation method is crucial.

Submerged arc welding agent

What is the correct storage method of submerged arc welding agent

1. Keeping dry is the key to preserving flux. The flux is very sensitive to the humid environment, which will lead to the deterioration of the flux and affect its use effect. Therefore, when storing submerged arc welding agent, it should be stored in a dry and well-ventilated place to avoid moisture. Especially in climates with high humidity, you can consider using sealed containers or moisture-proof bags to store the flux to prevent the intrusion of moisture.

2, flux often reacts with impurities in the air, grease, etc., resulting in a decline in quality. Therefore, storage containers and tools should be kept clean and avoid contact with other contaminant substances. At the same time, when using flux, direct hand contact should also be avoided as far as possible, so as not to bring pollutants into the flux. In addition, reasonable temperature control also helps to preserve the submerged arc welding agent.