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What are the requirements of flux for welding wire?


For any flux, the match with the welding wire is very important, inappropriate will affect the welding effect, so sj301 flux on the welding wire have what requirements, let's take a look.

Q&a _sj301 What are the requirements for welding wire?

1, the welding wire should have good metallurgical properties, so that it can be used together with the flux, so that the weld metal can get the corresponding chemical composition and mechanical properties, so that the flux has a strong ability to resist cold cracks and hot cracks.

2, in addition, sj301 flux manufacturers said that it is also necessary for the welding wire to have good processability to make the arc combustion stable, and the slag also has a suitable melting point and is easy to remove. After the welding is completed, whether the arc combustion is stable can also see whether the welding wire is well matched with Shandong sj301 flux.

3, the user can judge the effect of welding by observing whether the base material and the weld pass are fully integrated, whether the transition is obvious, and whether the environmental pollution is caused after the completion of welding, so as to judge the effect of welding. Due to the improvement of the use effect, the price of sj301 flux is also rising.