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What are the main functions of welding?


1. The Welding Flux can remove the oxide of the welding surface, reduce the welded melting point and surface tension, and achieve the welding temperature as soon as possible.
2. The solder can protect the welded metal from being affected by harmful gas in the surrounding atmosphere during liquid.
3. The welding can make the liquid ingredients have a suitable flow velocity to fill the gap.

During welding, welding can melt a substance that forms a slag and gas, which is a substance that protects and metallurize the metal. For buried arc welding, it is a buried arc welded, and it is used for stitched welding agents and soft -welded pyrines during needle welding. The weld is also called a tadpole, which is widely defined, including melting salt, organic matter, active gases, metal steam, etc., that is, in addition to the mother material and raw materials, the third type of material is generally used to reduce the tension of the mother material and the tension of the ingredients. Essence.